Rest and retreat at Camp Washington

It seems that retreating or resting has become such a rarity that it requires a reward. But, it is essential, nay it is biblical, to incorporate retreat and rest into your weekly life. The desire for an extended vacation is a reaction to the deprivation of rest from our common lives.

Following God’s Footsteps of Mercy

I’ve lived a privileged life of callings. In middle school, I learned what it meant to be a counselor, and being a young woman raised in the church, I took this as a sign and began voraciously and zealously pursuing a higher education in psychology, starting with a Christian college.

Coffee Hour at The Commons – Episode 37

Our guests today are the Reverends Carrie and Nik Combs. Carrie is the full-time curate at Trinity in Newtown. Nik, who’s originally from Idaho, is a part-time priest-in-charge at Trinity in Torrington and works part-time  at Class Cycles in Southbury. Carrie, who grew up in Cheshire, was ordained a priest in 2018 and Nik was ordained a priest in…

The Saint John’s Bible

Last week I traveled to St. Luke’s parish in Darien to look at a Bible. This is not just any ordinary Bible, oh no. This Bible is modern, ancient, colorful, powerful, timely, and classic all in one.

Coffee Hour at The Commons – Episode 36

Our guest was the Rev. Tuesday Rupp, Rector of St. Paul’s in Woodbury. We walked about what it means for Tuesday to self identify as a “musician turned Episcopal Minister” with “ears tuned to the holy.”