Coffee Hour at The Commons – Episode 37

Our guests today are the Reverends Carrie and Nik Combs. Carrie is the full-time curate at Trinity in Newtown. Nik, who’s originally from Idaho, is a part-time priest-in-charge at Trinity in Torrington and works part-time  at Class Cycles in Southbury. Carrie, who grew up in Cheshire, was ordained a priest in 2018 and Nik was ordained a priest in 2017. Carrie and Nik, who are married, met pursuing their Masters in Divinity at School of Theology at Sewanee. Carrie and Nik were married in 2016 at St. Peter’s in Cheshire, Carrie’s home church. Carrie is 29 and Nik is 32, which matters as we are going to talk about what it is like for them as a young married clergy couple. 

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