Eating Liturgically

This blog is written by Erika Plank Hagan, member of St. Stephen’s, Ridgefield, and was featured in the September edition of the Northeast Region Newsletter. At the bottom of the blog, you can learn more about Erika and Eating Liturgically. Extra credit: there is a recipe, please comment if you tried out the recipe! I…

Attempting to find unmixed attention in a modern intentional service community

In March of 1911, the rector of Christ Church, New Haven led a procession through my current home. With holy water and incense, he blessed every room. Mary S. Johnson and Josephine A. Lyon had recently moved into this home, St. Hilda’s House, on the corner of Broadway and Elm with the intention “to establish and provide for a place where a certain body of women could live a life of devotion and humble service,” as Lyon writes.

Stories from the Holy Land Pilgrimage, part 1

A group of more than thirty Episcopalians from Connecticut has been on pilgrimage in Israel-Palestine since Monday, July 10th. With their pilgrimage drawing to a close, here are a few stories and impressions from the first week.

Stories from the Holy Land Pilgrimage, part 2

A group of more than thirty Episcopalians from Connecticut (as well as a few family members from other states) were on pilgrimage in Israel-Palestine during the middle of June. With their pilgrimage over, here are a few more stories and impressions from the trip.

Iconography at St. John’s, Vernon

I’ve been writing icons for a year and have made sixteen so far. I have each one blessed at the altar when they are finished. Once, when after one had been blessed, a member of the Altar Guild, JoAnn D’Amoto, said that we needed an icon on right side of the wall behind the altar to balance the aumbry door on the left side. That’s all the inspiration I needed. Read David’s story about his art.

Following God’s Footsteps of Mercy

I’ve lived a privileged life of callings. In middle school, I learned what it meant to be a counselor, and being a young woman raised in the church, I took this as a sign and began voraciously and zealously pursuing a higher education in psychology, starting with a Christian college.

“Owning My White Privilege”

This post is contributed by Suzy Burke, co-leader of ECCT’s Racial Healing, Justice, and Reconciliation Ministry Network, as part of their ongoing communication. It was originally written for the Southeast Region newsletter.

“A most unusual altar”

An architect-designed altar made to look like books is back at Trinity on the Green in New Haven after 150+ years. The altar was designed in 1815 by Ithiel Town, architect for Trinity’s second, and current, building. Town’s personal library included over 11,000 volumes.