Meet Pam Toffey: Bridging the gap between us and the communion of saints

“I’m a mutt,” she said with a huge smile on her face. “I’ve done the research, and have found that I am a little bit of everything, and I am embracing that.” Years ago, Pam Toffey was in a car accident which left her quite a bit of recovery time. While she was recovering, Pam jumped into the world of genealogy.

Sacred Singing in New Haven

There’s radical hospitality, then there’s the Sacred Harp community. If you were walking by Connecticut Hall on Yale’s Old Campus on the third Sunday in April, you would just assume the four-part in sync chorus you heard was an elite Yale choir. You would never imagine that it is actually a “come-as-you-are,” hodgepodge group of individuals sitting around the perimeter of a room sight-reading sacred hymns.

Episode 45:​ Lay Preaching with Eliza Marth and Anne Hall

Today our guests are Eliza Marth, Northwest Region Missionary and Anne Hall, Junior Warden at St. John’s in Pine Meadow. Both Eliza and Anne were both participants in the first region based lay preaching course last Lent in 2018. The second round just finished up on March 3. Twelve people participated from five parishes and…

Iconography at St. John’s, Vernon

I’ve been writing icons for a year and have made sixteen so far. I have each one blessed at the altar when they are finished. Once, when after one had been blessed, a member of the Altar Guild, JoAnn D’Amoto, said that we needed an icon on right side of the wall behind the altar to balance the aumbry door on the left side. That’s all the inspiration I needed. Read David’s story about his art.

Interfaith Dinner and Discussion at Grace Farms

A rabbi, a priest, and an imam all sat down for dinner at Grace Farms… No that isn’t a beginning of a joke, it was my dinner last Tuesday when I joined 75 other individuals in a beautiful dining room at Grace Farms in New Canaan. The evening program was an Interfaith Passover Seder and…

Church Mall

Not unlike moving from a single-family home to an apartment complex, freedom from building maintenance and new neighbors allows St. Mark’s, New Britain to put less energy into a community building and more energy into building community.