Meet: The Reparations Task Force

Resolved, that this Convention direct the bishops to create a task force whose membership will consist of a majority of clergy and laity of color, with an invitation to all clergy of color canonically resident in ECCT to serve on the task force, in order to study and make specific recommendations to the 237th Convention as…

Meet: The Newly Ordained

Meet the newly ordained in ECCT! These six faithful followers of Christ were ordained to the priesthood in January and February 2021. We’ve invited them to share a little bit about themselves including where they’re currently serving and their hopes and dreams for their ministry. The Rev. Kate McKey-Dunar Hello! My name is Rev. Kate…

Meet: H. Peet Foster: this is my bee suit 🐝

Meet H. Peet Foster, beekeeper, choir member, and parishioner at St. Paul’s Riverside. I visited H. Peet and the two beehives at St. Paul’s this past September just before the hives began their process of sealing for the winter.  The community at St. Paul’s gifted their new rector the Rev. Stephanie Johnson with two hives…

Meet Janet Ainsworth: Experiencing and Sharing God in Nature

For some, the turning of the leaves and crisp cool mornings means pumpkin spice lattes and cozy oversized sweaters. Or if you’re Janet Ainsworth, the coming autumn means it’s time to lace up your hiking boots and hit the trails in one of Connecticut’s 109 state parks. That is exactly what we did last week.

Meet Margaret Clark: the importance of perpetual care

I first heard of Margaret Clark and the Cemetery on Hope St. in Stamford from a former co-worker, Don. He told me of the history of the cemetery and Margaret’s initiative and dedication to its perpetual care. So, I drove to Stamford with my camera and recorded Margaret’s story. Here it is: Margaret Clark is…

Meet: Jennie Dixon: Use the gifts you’ve been given to serve

I had the pleasure of having coffee with Jennie Dixon at a Dunkin Donuts in Windsor, CT. We sat down and immediately dove into a conversation about empowering women. Jennie is a Professional Chartered Financial Consultant, published author, public speaker, and president of the St. Monica’s Daughter of the King (DOK) chapter.

Meet Pam Toffey: Bridging the gap between us and the communion of saints

“I’m a mutt,” she said with a huge smile on her face. “I’ve done the research, and have found that I am a little bit of everything, and I am embracing that.” Years ago, Pam Toffey was in a car accident which left her quite a bit of recovery time. While she was recovering, Pam jumped into the world of genealogy.

Meet Frankie Williams: Too Blessed to be Stressed

When asked if she could have a life motto, Frankie Williams quickly answered, “I am ‘too blessed to be stressed.’” Frankie will turn 94 on March 11, and she has seen change – in the world, in the church, in her town, and in her parish.