Joining Jesus in this new Missional Age: Part three

For today’s blog I bring you two stories with an accompanying reflection on the ongoing journey of Joining Jesus in the new Missional Age. We will begin with with the reflection by Al Roxburgh and Fiona Watts of The Missional Network and guides along ECCT’s Joining Jesus journey.   When new energy is found in…

Joining Jesus in the New Missional Age, Part One

I will be following along with two parishes in their journey of Joining Jesus: St. John’s, Vernon and St. Monica’s, Hartford. Both parishes have a group of about 10 folks dedicated to embracing these practices, and plan to meet monthly. St. Monica’s is also part of the raising financial resources component of the ECCT initiative, but I’m going to keep my focus on their spiritual journey for this blog.

Church Mall

Not unlike moving from a single-family home to an apartment complex, freedom from building maintenance and new neighbors allows St. Mark’s, New Britain to put less energy into a community building and more energy into building community.